What is a Digital Nomad

The lifestyle of the young modern Digital Nomad strikes a cord with many. Both young and old. But despite being a far cry from what was the aimlessly wandering backpacker, it too is not as glamerous as it first appears.

To start with it is just not practcal to sit working on a white sandy beach in the middle of nowhere. Firstly there are not that many “undiscovered” beaches left, secondly you need good comms and thirdly the sand gets into everything and gums up the working parts of your lap top.

So is it practical?

The answer is both yes and no. It depends on what skills you have, how determined you are and what you are prepared to give up to do what you want to do. But no it is not for everyone. Not yet anyway.

The opportunities for working remotely are still few a far between and reserved mainly for those already proficient and working in the digial world. Coders and designers who have both the skills and a client base that gives them the freedom needed to work from wherever they choose.

But online consultancy is another opportunity and is one which will open doors and not just for highly skilled and recognised professionals. Everyone excels at something. Everyone has something they can contribute. And the internet is a tool  that gives each of us the opportunity to make ourselves useful and reach a global market.

That is pretty awsome.

Mark Allan Knysna South Africa    

Camping in the Garden Route

Forest cottage accommodation in the Garden Route

Many ask: ‘where is the garden in the Garden Route?’ Well, nature’s garden surrounds Knysna and immersing yourself in it is an authentic experience that you will treasure.

I clearly recall the profoundly spiritual experience of walking the Elephant Trail hike in the Garden Route National Park outside Knysna. It follows the pathway cut through the beautiful indigenous forest by large herds of migrating elephants over a century ago. It somehow brings you back to considering who the ‘authentic you’ is – the values that form the essence of you when all else falls away. It surrounds you gently and inspires you with its simple beauty; a gurgling stream, sunlight filtering through century old giants and the aura of the last few shy elephants that seldom show themselves.

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